Getting Started


Start With a Free Consultation

Every relationship in life, whether it be personal or business, always starts off with an introduction. Our first meeting with any prospective client is always easy going and comfortable. We want people to be happy with their decision to work with HollisWealth Ancaster and our financial team, and it’s important to ensure our personalities and overall philosophies are compatible. 

If you are looking for easy wins, big promises and an aggressive investment approach, then we are not the financial advisors for you.

We bring a very balanced approach to our work and portfolio, which is why we take the time to establish if we are a good fit for each other by discussing your needs and possible solutions in our very first meeting.


Getting to Know Your Financial Picture

We work together to gain a better understanding of your current financial situation, where we gain an understanding of your sources of income, your current investment approach including your assets and liabilities as well as your general understanding of financial markets. Through this process we identify our starting point for building a strategy that’s unique to you and will help you reach your financial goals. Whatever they might be.


Developing Your Custom Financial Plan

Once we have an understanding of your financial position, goals and risk tolerance, and answered all your financial questions, we will create a personalized financial plan that includes an investment approach that recommends suitable investments, insurance and structures to help you achieve your unique financial goals for the short term and the long term.


Implementing Your Financial Plan

Your unique financial plan can be a multi-step process or it can be as simple as changing a few funds to better suit your circumstances. In complex situations we will use our financial team to ensure you have the best structure in place to grow your assets and to mitigate risk. We find that one of the most difficult tasks is building your asset base – we want to help you keep your assets while you earn respectable returns. 


Review Your Plan

We recommend reviewing your plan every year. This way we can continue to work with you as your life might change and your financial goals might change. Communication is a two-way street. We always want to make sure we are going in the right direction and you have a full understanding of your financial plan. Want to review your financial plan more than once a year? No problem. Your HollisWealth Ancaster financial advisor is here to help and is available whenever you need them.

How it Works

Our Approach

The best financial planning is a process, not a product.


Creating Your Financial Plan

We will work with you to better understand your financial goals and priorities now and for the future and learn everything we can about your current financial situation. This is an extensive process that establishes a relationship based on trust. In order to help you achieve your personal financial objectives, we need you to be open and transparent, with full disclosure of documents, to ensure we have a complete and accurate picture.


Plan Creation and Execution

Once we understand your financial goals and current circumstances, we create a detailed and personalized financial plan. Your customized investment strategy will be built upon a diversified portfolio structured to preserve capital, minimize tax implications and realize growth.

We commit to seeing your plan through, and ask that you do the same. Only by working as a team can we minimize risks and maximize results.


Communication and Review

Your unique financial plan should be as dynamic as you are and versatile enough to adapt to life’s changes. As your plan matures, we will monitor its progress every step of the way, reviewing it with you at least every year and make adjustments as necessary.


Get In Touch

We are committed to exceptional client service. Our team of professional financial advisors is available by phone or email, and each of us looks forward to meeting you in person.

HollisWealth Ancaster

We believe your success relies on the relationship you have with your advisor, the advice you receive to improve your life, and the fees you pay to achieve your life goals. Our clients are our first priority.

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