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What Are Your Investment Goals?

What are your investment goals? Is your portfolio positioned correctly to allow you to achieve them? With our portfolio analysis service, we can help you determine the answers to those questions. Portfolio analysis will help you to determine what your risk tolerance is, what your investment goals are, and how well your current investment portfolio is set up to meet these criteria. Take the time to learn more about what portfolio analysis is and how it can make your investments stronger.

What Is A Portfolio Analysis?

Portfolio analysis is the process of studying your investment portfolio to determine whether it is suited to your needs, resources, and expectations, and whether it has the potential to meet your investment goals in the timeframe you have laid out. This process will look both at the history of your current investments, as well as projections for their performance going forward. It will also evaluate the asset mix that is held (equities, fixed income products, cash, other holdings) to determine the risk level of your current investment portfolio.

Portfolio analysis is important to ensure that you are well set up to meet your investment goals. Each investor has unique needs and goals and, while generic investment advice has educational value, your investment portfolio needs personalized advice to help you reach your goals. Nothing can torpedo your investment strategy quicker than a poorly structured investment portfolio.

What Is Your Investment Risk Tolerance?


Investment risk tolerance is the amount of variability, or instability, in investment returns an investor is willing to withstand in their investment portfolio. One important part of a portfolio analysis is determining your investment risk tolerance level. It’s important to think about this before your portfolio analysis as it will impact the advice you get regarding your investment allocation.

An aggressive risk tolerance level means that you are comfortable with an all or nothing investment strategy. That is, you are comfortable making risky investments that could come with big returns or big losses. Generally speaking, investors with an aggressive risk tolerance have a longer investment timeline that will allow for bouncing back from large losses over time.

A moderate risk tolerance level means that you are willing to take risks with a part of your investment portfolio, but you balance those risks with investments that are sure bets. These investors generally have a timeline of 5-10 years and are traditionally looking to build up their retirement savings. 

A conservative risk tolerance level means that you are willing to accept little to no variability in your investments. Generally speaking, conservative investors are retirees who have spent their careers building a nest egg and do not want to risk their principal on risky investments.

Important Aspects Of A Proper Portfolio Analysis

When analyzing your investment portfolio, we take a look at the following areas:

  • Investment Fees: What are your annual management fees? Are there any hidden fees? How much are you paying per trade? Fees are the number one area where investors can lose money, without even making a trade. We’ll analyze how much the fees you are paying detract from your overall portfolio’s worth to determine whether you are paying too much and if there are lower cost options available to you. 
  • Diversification: Are you overexposed in one investment area or region of the world? What is the investment objective defined by your asset mix? Do you hold multiple holdings that do the same job? A great portfolio is a diversified portfolio. Diversification ensures that, no matter what happens in the world, your portfolio is balanced in a way that can absorb fluctuations. 
  • Account Structuring: Are your accounts structured properly? Are you positioned to avoid and/or defer taxes? How and when should your accounts be planned to change in the future? As you get older, your investment goals and risk tolerance are likely to change, and your investment portfolio should be set up to change with them. Portfolio analysis will allow you to plan for those changes in advance.

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